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Cold weather continues. Maybe a "warming" trend by next week?

Skies are beautiful and sunny this afternoon, but don't let that fool you! It's still downright cold out there, feeling more like Christmas than the week before Thanksgiving. Temperatures are in the low to mid 40s, and we don't expect them to climb more than maybe a degree or two more before reaching our afternoon highs today.

Skies stay clear through the evening and overnight, and that will allow temperatures to drop quickly. We are into the 30s after sunset and then headed for the low to mid 20s once again by daybreak with clear skies for our Friday morning.

Another couple of reinforcing cold fronts move through Friday and the weekend. This keeps us in the low to mid 40s through the weekend, but it also further dries the air mass, and that allows for more efficient radiational cooling overnight. We are looking at morning lows in the 20s Saturday morning through Monday morning, and there are be upper teens here and there in the area. The good news is that high pressure starts shifting to the east of us by Monday, and that means more of a southeasterly wind with moderating temperatures. Highs are in the lower 50s as early as Monday, and in the mid to upper 50s by Tuesday and Wednesday. We look to stay dry through Wednesday for now, but shower chances may increase as we head Thanksgiving on Thursday through the following weekend.

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