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Cold fronts will bring temperature swings and rain chances to the Tennessee Valley

Good Wednesday afternoon. I don't have to tell you this, but it's a hot one out there. Relief is coming in a few days. Hold tight and be patient. We will also be talking about rain chances.

Not much to discuss for the rest of today. It will be hot until the sun goes down, Temperatures will "cool off" into the 80s this evening, eventually lowering to the upper 60s overnight. Not a drop of rain expected in anyone's bucket today, just a few clouds here and there.

A cold front comes to our rescue Thursday. It'll bring with it the slightest rain chance and a drop in temperatures & dew points. This frontal passage will be mostly dry, but a shower or two is possible. Tomorrow you will notice winds shift from south to north and temperatures will drop about 30 degrees from the afternoon to the overnight low. Dew points will drop significantly as well, and DRY air settles in for a short while. Friday has no rain chance.

Our next real shot at widespread rain comes as early as Saturday night. A few showers will move through late in the evening. The morning and much of the afternoon will remain dry. Coverage Saturday is not looking widespread whatsoever. Sunday is a different story. The GFS model indicates a few rounds of rain throughout the morning and afternoon. We're talking showers and thunderstorms. We're not looking at a severe threat, but one or two storms may have gusty winds. The GFS model has all the rain out by Sunday night as the front zooms through. I'm holding onto a stray lingering shower early Monday morning.

Strap in to your rollercoaster seat- because these temperatures are taking us for a spin! Expect upper 80s Thursday, with temps dropping about 30 degrees to lows in the mid 50s. We'll see upper 70s Friday, upper 80s Saturday, then back down to the low 80s Sunday as the cold front passes through. Not to mention, dew points will be taking us on quite the ride as well. We'll have incredibly dry air in place Friday and even Saturday, but Sunday will be pretty muggy due to showers and storms. Then we'll be feeling good again by Monday.

Onto the next topic: the tropics. National Hurricane Center forecasters are keeping a close eye on this cluster of thunderstorms. There is high confidence that this wave will develop into a tropical depression within the next five days. The wave is still looking fairly disorganized this afternoon, but is expected to quickly pull itself together.

You may look at these next two images and use some critical thinking skills to spur the question: is this storm heading toward the Gulf of Mexico? The short answer: it's very possible. Forecasters expect this wave to develop into a tropical storm and potentially a hurricane in the Caribbean. How quickly it strengthens will impact where it goes. For now, if you have any ties or concerns with the gulf coast, I would simply pay attention to the forecast the next few days. No need to worry just yet. We will be sure to let you know potential impacts as soon as we know them. We have you covered beyond the Tennessee Valley, too!

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