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Clouds hanging tough today but sunshine coming. Weekend showers likely.

These clouds are being quite stubborn this afternoon. We are seeing the clearing line advance across western Tennessee, but it's still going to be a little bit before it moves through the area. Temperatures are still being held into the low to mid 50s because of these pesky clouds!

Sunshine will return over the next couple of hours, and this will allow temperatures to quickly recover a bit. However, it's looking like we won't quite have enough time to reach the low to mid 60s that we were previously thought were possible, and we've lowered daytime highs back to the upper 50s as a result. Skies will continue to clear through the evening and overnight, and this will allow everyone to drop down to at least the lower 40s, but don't be surprised of a few locations make the upper 30s by daybreak.

The return to mostly sunny/partly cloudy skies will allow for significantly milder temperatures tomorrow. We look to reach the upper 60s and lower 70s for daytime highs, and then everybody reaches the lower 70s for highs on Friday. Clouds will be on the increase Friday though. That's ahead of the next weather disturbance that brings us a good chance of widespread showers from about midday Saturday, through Saturday night, through Sunday, and possibly lingering into the first part of Monday. It won't rain that entire time, and it doesn't look like overall totals will be all that high, but we do look to manage at least a bit of rain this weekend, and any rain is welcome rain considering the drought conditions in place. For now, it looks like those showers Monday likely clear out in time for trick-or-treating and other Halloween evening activities.

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