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Chili weather, or do we mean chilly weather?

Welcome to the weekend. I hope you brought your warm clothes and sunglasses. That's all you'll need the next few days. A cold front moved through the Tennessee Valley this morning and cooler air is on the way as I type. Tomorrow will quite literally feel like a breath of fresh air.

Sunshine will continue for the rest of today, until sunset of course. Temps will cool off quickly after that. Paired with a light northerly breeze, tonight will be pretty chilly. We will be in the 50s by 10 p.m. and dipping down into the lower 40s by Saturday morning.

Yes, this weekend will be a cool one, but isn't that what fall is all about? Get your flannels, get your layers, get your boots and go out and enjoy the weekend. Nothing but sunshine for us. Temperatures will be in the upper 60s Saturday afternoon and lower 70s Sunday afternoon.

High temperatures will gradually warm as the days go on. We will hit the mid 80s by mid week, but that sets us up for a stormy mid to late week. Until then, we will have mostly sunny skies, but clouds will build as the week progresses, becoming partly to mostly cloudy by Wednesday evening. Right now, the Tennessee Valley has a good shot at rain and a few thunderstorms very late Wednesday night into the first half of Thursday. Chances are looking pretty solid right now, but we will keep you updated on the timing of the system, whether it speeds up or slows down. After that front, we will be back the the 60s for highs.

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