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Chance for showers and storms but we start to dry out next week. Memorial day looking mostly dry.

This morning was nice with sunny skies and warm temperatures. Other than a small chance for a shower or storm for the rest of today, it’ll be a nice one out there. High temperatures will reach the lower 80s and other than the storms, the skies should stay mostly sunny. Tonight low temperatures are expected in the upper 50s and it should be a pleasant night for sleeping.

Moving on to Memorial Day weekend, Friday is expected to be slightly more wet compared to Thursday. There is a chance for afternoon pop-up showers and storms. Other than the rain we will continue to experience warm temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s. On Saturday, temperatures will be slightly cooler compared to Friday. High temperatures reach the mid to upper 70s range and lows fall to the mid to upper 50s. Unfortunately, the chances for showers and storms continue Saturday, but chances are slightly lower compared to Friday.

The remainder of the weekend looks dry with mostly cloudy skies on Sunday so if you are looking for the best day to be outdoors, Sunday is the day. Temperatures for Sunday are a few degrees cooler compared to Saturday but they should still be in the 70s for the high and 50s for the low. For those of you who are keeping a check on the Memorial Day forecast to see if you’re going to be able to fire up the grill, it does look mostly clear. High temps are expected in the upper 70s to lower 80s so it will be slightly warmer. The rain chance Monday is stray at best. Remember the true reason for Memorial Day is to remember our fallen heroes so consider going to a Memorial Day ceremony. If you’re unable to attend a ceremony, the mostly clear weather means you can also visit a cemetery or memorial and remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Monday night, temperatures will fall to the upper 50s and lower 60s.

Mostly dry weather and partly cloudy skies continue into the first half of next week except for a slight chance of rain Wednesday. We will also continue to warm up and Tuesday’s temperatures are expected to peak in the 80s. Tuesday night, temperatures will be in the lower 60s. Wednesday looks mainly dry with slightly warmer temperatures compared to Tuesday but you won’t feel much of a difference. High temperatures are continuing to be in the 80s and low temperatures are in the 60s.

There is a chance for scattered showers and storms from today through Saturday. Remember to go indoors if you see lightning or hear thunder and stay safe. The best day for plans this weekend is Sunday, but thankfully you won’t have to change your Memorial Day plans because it looks mostly dry. Temperatures start to warm up slightly next week as we move closer to summer and dry weather continues.

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