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Caps off and Umbrellas Up!

Damage from Thursday night's storm was reported at Waterloo High School. The National Weather Service did not issue any warnings before the storm hit, as there were no clear indications from the radar that a warning should be issued or that severe weather was imminent. Unfortunately, this incident serves as a stark reminder that while radar technology is reliable, it's not perfect. Radar works by emitting waves from an antenna at an angle towards the sky. The waves travel through the air until they are reflected back after bouncing off an object in its path. The radar measures how long it takes the wave to travel to that object and back to the radar. Additionally, radar measures the strength of the returning wave. This data is processed to track and map storms. Radar is extremely useful for predicting weather events but due to the waves being shot at an angle, it does not see everything, especially at the lower levels. This incident is a reminder that during thunderstorms, it’s important to stay indoors and away from windows, even if no warnings have been issued. Nature can be a destructive force so it's best not to underestimate the potential threat of thunderstorms.

Don’t put away your rain gear yet. Today scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely, mainly before 4pm. The chance of precipitation is especially high if you live in the Shoals area. Even though it might be raining on some peoples graduation day, don’t let it dampen your spirits as you celebrate this major milestone in your lives. If you’re graduating today, make sure to bring an umbrella.

You don’t want to risk getting a precipitation degree. High temperatures for the day are expected to be in the upper 70s to lower 80s before falling to the 60s at night. The chance for thunderstorms remains throughout today but are expected to be less likely as we approach midnight.

I know a lot of people are getting sick of the rain but mother nature isn’t ready for it to stop yet. Storm chances will remain throughout the weekend so it's best to stay on the lookout and have a plan to go indoors if there is thunder or lightning present. Saturday, we are expecting temperatures to peak in the 80s and fall to the 60s later that night. Stay safe and cozy inside and make the most of this rainy weekend! While you’re making weekend plans, aim to go outside during the morning hours because the chance for those troublesome showers and thunderstorms is lower.

As for Sunday, we’re expecting scattered storms again throughout the day but don’t fret. Outside of the scattered storms, the sky will be mostly sunny with {descriptive word} highs in the 80s. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for any sudden flashes of lightning, and once again, aim to move indoors during stormy moments. As the night falls, temperature will drop to the 60s and storms may hang around for a little while longer.

So far, this week has been constant rain and storms which unfortunately has brought along some damage in areas so we are looking forward to the middle of next week with cooler temperatures and a chance to enjoy the summer-like weather and spend some time outdoors!

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