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Brrr. Freeze Warning tonight, and tomorrow night will be even colder.

If you love the cold, this is the forecast for you. If you're missing summer, brace yourself.

The cold front is past us and the temperatures are going to fall quickly tonight. It'll be in the 40s by 7 p.m. and in the upper 20s by Tuesday morning. We have absolutely no precipitation to discuss while we are below freezing, which is fantastic news. Nothing but sunshine during the day and clear skies at night.

A freeze warning is in effect for the entire Tennessee Valley viewing area through mid Tuesday morning. Bring whatever plants inside you can. Lows will be in the upper 20s tonight, and a touch warmer along the Tennessee River in northwest Alabama.

With the first freeze here in the Tennessee Valley October 17/28, it's actually within the span

of the average first freeze for the area. The typical first freeze for most of Tennessee and northern Alabama happens between October 16th and October 31st. While we are on the earlier end of the spectrum, it is still not unusual for a freeze to happen for us this week. For the rest of Alabama, the average first freeze is between Nov 1-15.

If you think tonight will be cold, which it will, tomorrow night will be even colder. Mid to low 20s are expected in some spots. We're back to the upper 20s Thursday morning and gradually warm up from there. Not only will lows be cold, the highs will be too for the next few days. We won't get out of the 50s until Thursday. We make it back to the mid 70s by Friday.

There is no rain chance for the Tennessee Valley for the next several days. Meantime, much of the Tennessee Valley is considered in a moderate drought. This map does not account for the rain we got last Wednesday or over the weekend, but it's still very dry nonetheless.

With no rain chance we will see plenty of sunshine the next several days. I am noticing some sort of front moving through the Tennessee Valley come Monday that could bring us some rain, so I will keep an eye on that. From Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon, there will be about a 50 degree temperature difference!

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