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Big changes coming this week - a taste of fall is coming!

Today has been a run of the mill September day, by Tennessee Valley standards - it's generally clear, hovering in the mid 80s, and a little breezy. One nice change from the status quo is the humidity; dewpoints today have been hovering in the 50s, keeping us nice and dry through the week thus far. A pattern change is fast approaching, however, and this warmth and lingering summer-like atmosphere may be on borrowed time.

Through this evening and into tonight, clouds begin to build, with a the chance of isolated showers slowly building through the the night. The primary storm threat comes by the early morning hours, with fairly potent storms from the NW sagging into the Valley, bringing some heavy downpours and frequent lightning in the strongest ones. It definitely won't be a fun drive in that crucial few hour window in the early to mid morning, if you are headed into church early. Thankfully, it truly is just a few hour window - behind these storms lies a bit of time in the late afternoon and early evening of clearing conditions, warmth, and relatively low humidity once more.

The clear conditions behind it are due to a cold front passing through, keeping us dry to end our weekend and unsurprisingly, cooling us down very dramatically as we enter the workweek. Pretty much every day through the end of this coming week will be better than the last, especially if you're yearning for fall like some of us are.

Check these temperature trends out - by midweek, we're pinging some highs near 70, with overnight lows even dipping into the mid 40s! This may not necessarily be a permanent pattern change, but is nevertheless a very welcome taste of fall as we approach the time of year when we start cooling down, climatologically speaking.

Better still is that there really isn't a "catch-22", so to speak - we stay dry most of the week, with some minor chances of showers returning only by the end of the week (alongside the return of a bit of warmth, but nothing too hot at ALL), and humidity staying well, well below average each and every day. Bring on autumn, we need it!

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