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Beautiful Weekend ahead - behind it, a warmer week?

You really can't beat days like today - with a cool, northerly breeze and humidity in the 30% range(!), this weekend is essentially a duo of perfect fall days. We have no inclement weather in sight, and highs today will position themselves squarely in the upper 60s for most of us. There is a decent chance a good few of us will see a 70 or two across the area today, but the better chance for that being more widespread is tomorrow.

in the mean time through the overnight hours of tonight, we're cooling off fast - back into the upper 30s for a majority of us. It wouldn't surprise me to see a very very isolated spot or two flirting with freezing, but it seems more likely that we're trending away from that, especially over the next few days ahead.

This big guy right here is our culprit - as we head into tomorrow, a large high pressure system plops itself down right over the Tennessee Valley, paving the way for beautiful conditions very much like what we are experiencing today. It being directly over us may help us trend warmer, too, perhaps even into the lower 70s once more. It's not going to stay long, though, and continues pushing eastward through the beginning of our workweek.

Indeed, through Monday and into Tuesday, notice how far east it ends up - with it being so close to the Valley, we still have fantastic, mostly clear conditions to look forward to for the beginning of our week, but when we are on it's western side, we are on the side that swings warm, moist air from the Gulf up into the Valley. This will begin a trend of warmer conditions through the midweek.

The 5 day temperature trend helps visualize this upwards trajectory. In fact, by Tuesday, we're already flirting with 80 again, and Wednesday will feature mid-80s once again across the Valley. Thankfully, at least for the FIRST half of the work week, there is no catch - just beautiful, warm weather. This, however, is interrupted Wednesday and into Thursday, with a fairly robust frontal passage...

And at long last, our first notable chance of rain enters the scene. The forecast models we use have been a bit wishy washy in terms of the very precise timing, but it seems like a good consensus is rain and storms beginning very late Wednesday night, with the large bulk of showers and storms moving across the Valley through early to mid morning Thursday. This will lead to a good several hours of unsettled conditions (indeed, it probably won't be the most fun drive to work), but luckily, behind it is looking great - to end our week, 60s and sunshine.

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