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Beautiful weather this week. A preview of fall temps tonight!

The weather today across the Tennessee Valley is simply stunning! Skies are mostly sunny behind the cold front that pushed into the area overnight. Despite all the sunshine, temperatures early in the afternoon are only in the low to mid 70s!

We only expect to see temperatures go up a few more degrees at most this afternoon, with afternoon highs in the mid to upper 70s. Skies will stay clear the rest of today and heading into tonight. That means the weather for the opening evening of the North Alabama State Fair in Muscle Shoals will be perfect! Clear skies with temperatures dropping out of the 70s into the 60s as we head through the evening. From there, temperatures continue to drop, and we look to bottom out in the mid 50s by daybreak on Tuesday morning. A few of the sheltered valley locations and "hollers" around the area may get as low as 51 or 52!

This beautiful weather does continue for the rest of the week, but has high pressure gets more centered over the area, daytime temperatures do warm back toward the mid to upper 80s with time. Morning lows look to stay in the mid 50s to lower 60s for the rest of the week though. Rain chances look to stay away through at least the work week, if not through the coming weekend.

We are watching a pair of tropical waves that have rolled off the west coast of Africa. These will be moving west-northwest, and the National Hurricane Center has highlighted them both with a low chance of developing into a tropical depression or stronger over the next five days. However, these do not appear to be a threat to the United States at this time. We will be watching carefully for changes.

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