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Beautiful skies, but brisk temperatures for most of the Valley as we begin the weekend.

It's a deceptively beautiful fall day today - foliage is nearing it's peak and skies are blue, but temperatures right now are hovering in the low to mid-40s for the most of us across the Valley. The rest of the day ahead isn't too different, but a slight warming trend returns by the beginning of the coming week.

Forecast highs today don't take much advantage of the clear conditions today, only getting into the upper 40s and near 50 in some spots, especially in NW AL. Most of us in Southern Middle TN very likely won't get past 50 today. It won't be too windy today, with gusts probably not exceeding 10mph for most of us, so what you see is what you get. Wind chills can be a real annoyance this time of year!

Heading into tonight, chances are we'll see widespread freezing conditions, with most of us getting into the lower 30s (in fact, nearer to 30) as we wake up Sunday. The slight warming trend begins tomorrow as we stay mostly clear, save for a few patchy clouds through the mid-day, with most of us getting up into the upper 50s and a sizeable portion of us probably even touching 60. A weak cold front comes through into the latter half of tomorrow, keeping the beginning of the week fairly brisk still, but this changes into the midweek.

The forecast for the week ahead is actually not too much of a far cry from last week, on paper - warming and clear conditions persist through the beginning of the week, with temperatures likely touching near 70 by midweek. Behind this warmth, however, is another cold front bringing our next chance of rain from the NW, most likely being in and out of the valley overnight Wednesday and into mid-day Thursday. Temperatures behind this drop just a bit into the end of the week, but recover with haste by next weekend. Current guidance doesn't suggest a very high chance of consistent overnight freezing temperatures yet, so regular frost may stay at bay just a little bit yet!

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