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Awesome weather to end the week, carries through the weekend and next week. Watching the Gulf.

The remnants of Sally are on the way out, moving out of Georgia and into the Carolinas this afternoon. That has meant drier air moving into our area and clouds clearing out. Partly sunny skies have been in place across the Tennessee Valley this afternoon, and that will continue as the cold front to our north moves into the area. Overnight lows tonight will drop down to around 60 degrees, with a few spots getting into the upper 50s in our naturally colder locations. Friday will see increasing amounts of sunshine through the day as the clouds move out. Temperatures will be a good 10 or so degrees cooler than highs today, with afternoon highs on Friday only in the low to mid 70s!

This will be the start of a big cool down for our area, and definitely the first BIG shot of weather for the fall so far. Afternoon highs from the weekend into next week will stay in the low to mid 70s, but look at these morning lows! Lower 50s from Saturday morning through at least the middle of next week. Some of our colder valley locations may actually get as low as 47 to 49 degrees on one or two of these nights! Fall weather is moving into the Tennessee Valley right on time, with this coming Tuesday being the first day of astronomical fall.

Meanwhile, we are carefully watching for tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico. A disturbance is getting its act together with time down in the Bay of Campeche, and it will gradually move northward over the next several days. Environmental conditions are favorable for this system to develop into a depression and eventually a tropical storm. After that, there is high uncertainty with where the system will track. Model solutions range anywhere from Deep South Texas and northern Mexico, all the way over to Florida, and ALL of them are plausible scenarios depending on how strong the system gets, how long it takes for the system to move northward, and any incoming fronts across the United States as the tropical system tries to move north. We will be here to sort all this out for you in the days ahead. Regardless, this shouldn't have an impact on our local weather here for AT LEAST five days, IF it has any impact at all. We will watch it carefully!

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