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Another cold front on the way and how tropical activity could impact the Gulf Coast.

It's Friday, it's the first day of the Middle Tennessee District Fair, and it is feeling fantastic

outside. Nothing will change this evening aside from the temperatures. Whether you're spending the night at the fair, the ball field or on your back porch, a textbook fall evening is in store. Cool temperatures in the 60s will feel great after you throw on a hoodie or light jacket. No rain tonight.

Rain chances are very sparse tomorrow, but they are there. Most of Saturday will be dry, but a few showers are possible in the morning and afternoon. Highs this weekend will warm back up into the 80s. Rain chances ramp up overnight, ahead of a cold front that will swoop through the Tennessee Valley Sunday. The first half of Sunday looks soggy and gloomy, with showers and storms moving through with the front. Most models have us dry by Sunday night. Monday will feel fantastic with lower temps and dew points, and a clear sky overhead.

All of that is summed up here in the 7 day forecast, where you can find our rain chances and temperatures for the next week. We are keeping a close eye on the Gulf of Mexico. For us here in the Tennessee Valley, we will see little to no impact locally.

Here is the latest from the National Hurricane Center on Tropical Depression Nine. Forecasters expect it to become a Tropical Storm before today is over. The storm will either be named Hermine or Ian, depending on the intensity of Tropical Depression 10 that is just off the coast of Africa. TD9 is forecast to move WNW this weekend, gradually gaining strength. It is forecast to become a hurricane Monday, south of Cuba. It is forecast to make landfall in Cuba some time before Tuesday morning. We will keep an eye on how that land interaction affects the storm. The storm is then expected to turn NE, taking aim at the Florida gulf coast.

It's still far too early to pinpoint a potential landfall location, but the NHC is thinking peninsular gulf coast of Florida. The storm is expected to strengthen as it approaches Florida, but the longer the storm interacts with the ridge that turns it NE, the weaker the storm will be upon landfall. Essentially what I'm saying is the more north the forecast landfall, the weaker the storm may be. There are still a ton of factors at play and these are very initial thoughts. We will keep you updated on any potential gulf coast impacts from this potential storm.

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