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Another cloudy weekend, with an unsettled pattern approaching.

Despite the unseasonal warmth, the weather starting off this weekend has been fairly in line with what you'd expect this time of year - widespread overcast skies, with a misty rain persisting well into the day and overnight. There isn't much in the way of a dynamic forecast for the next 24 hours - heading into Sunday, overcast skies persist through the mid-morning, but give way to mostly cloudy skies (especially in NW Alabama, where we may see more consistent breaks of sun) and temperatures in the lower 70s widespread. This warm, moist air helps set the stage tomorrow night and into Monday morning for our next chance of strong (to possibly severe) storms.

As we head into the late hours of Sunday and early morning Monday, the temperatures don't give up, at least until a cold front comes through alongside a fairly impressively modeled linear system, which the Storm Prediction Center has issued a SLIGHT RISK (level 2 out of 5) for, especially in Western/Central TN and portions of N MS. At some point during it's passage, it's fair to say that most of our coverage area will face *some* chance of isolated severe weather.

The primary threat - as is usually the case in linear systems - is damaging straight line winds, but you can not rule out a tornado or two somewhere along the line. Systems like this are known to act up, so we'll be in the studio monitoring this closely should any warning be issued throughout the duration of this systems passage.

Temperatures behind this system fall pretty sharply thanks to it's accompanying cold front, and keep us cool to start the work week with highs mostly in the mid to upper-50s. Temps recover in time for our next shot at storms midweek by Wednesday, with temperatures recovering into the 60s and bringing rain chances up, especially in our Alabama counties. Temperatures are on the increase by the end of the week, likely returning us to the upper 60s by weeks end, and knocking on the door of low 70s by next weekend when a more disturbed pattern takes hold, bringing storm chances back to the valley.

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