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A Taste of Wintery Temps this Weekend!

It's sweater weather, make no mistake - as of writing this, we've only made it to the lower 40s, and I doubt we'll get much higher. On the good side, it's a beautiful day out there, with some clouds lingering in NW AL, but generally giving way to sunshine all along the way. The real story of the next 24 hours is the overnight cold we're going to have to deal with.

It's no joke, either - it wouldn't shock me to see several upper TEENS for lows through the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, with most of us not breaking 25. If there's anything you want to do, it'd be to keep the tap dripping. We don't need any burst pipes, not with this kind of cold!

On the bright side (literally), a passing high is paving the way for beautiful conditions as we head through tomorrow afternoon, even if we stay cold (upper 30s, nearer to 40 for highs). Thankfully, this looks like the last truly bitter day for the next week or so, especially as we head into the workweek. Monday looks similar to Sunday, but a few degrees warmer... beginning that trend upwards.

That said, through Monday night and into Tuesday morning, there exists the lingering chance of some showers. Some models are more bullish, some are less bullish, so we'll keep an eye on if we have to increase or decrease the odds, but it's something to pay attention to. Either way it swings, you'll notice this high pressure area pushing that system off to the east, and finally settling in across the area and setting the stage for that WARM UP we need.

Now, technically, this warm-up actually brings us up to where we should be this time of year, but it's a more than welcome change compared to what we've been dealing with. Through the midweek, we get a bit of moist air that begins to warm us up, climbing through the mid 50s into the upper 50s by the latter half of this week. Along with this, we may have a few days respite from the frosty conditions overnight, with lows hovering just ABOVE freezing, at least for those crucial few days.

That said, it isn't going to last forever - most models cool us off by the end of the week once more, and freezing overnight conditions return in earnest soon after. We're keeping an eye on those shower chances through the week, but all and all, it looks like a nice one - even if it's chilly as all get out!

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