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A quick break in the rain before we enter into a soggy weather pattern.

Yesterday was quite the stormy day, but today has been fantastic. This nice weather will last at least one more day. The cold front is about to push off the Atlantic coast and cold air will filter into the Tennessee Valley tonight. the cold front is pretty distinguished on the temperature map, with upper 60s contrasting mid 40s.

Temperatures will drop into the 40s and 30s this evening, and won't stop until they fall to the mid 20s overnight into Thursday morning. We'll be dry through Thursday night. Rain chances

ramp back up Friday afternoon with a few light showers possible. The better rain chance comes after midnight and in the early morning Saturday. We then will dry out by Saturday evening but Sunday afternoon holds another rain chance. Rain moves in, and potentially a few thunderstorms as well. That continues into Sunday night and early Monday morning. By Monday evening rain will be less widespread.

Tuesday we could see widespread showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. The sun will make a few appearances within the next 7 days, but I do think cloud cover will dominate many days. Low temps don't get too cool, because we will have a "thermal cloud blanket" in place keeping the daytime warmth trapped at the surface. None of the days look to be a washout, but chances are you'll experience a few rain showers over the next several days.

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