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A nice weekend shaping up, though Sunday looks hit or miss - beyond that, a stormy week.

In terms of June days, today has been nice - dewpoints have hovered in the upper 50s and lower 60s, which for June is a welcome break from the horrible mugginess of springs and summers past. This is thanks to more limited moisture return compared to recently... which has definitely reflected in this little break of storms that we've gotten... which probably won't last!

The rest of today looks to stay dry, and we'll cool back down into the 60s overnight tonight. By the time we're waking up tomorrow, conditions will be basically the same as this morning - a bit muggy, 70s, and partly cloudy. By the afternoon, however, things change - while it's likely most of us will stay dry, models show the chance for some pop-up storms (a classic, summerlike pattern) through the mid-day. Remember that if thunder roars, go indoors!

Sunday, highly isolated though the showers and storms may be, I suspect is the sign of things to come - the week ahead looks particularly damp and noisy with how much rain long-range models show us getting. Most every day of this next week looks active, and due to this most models agree with widespread 1-3 inches, with isolated 3+ inch spots by the end of the week. Some spots are worked over as it is from the flooding of a few days ago! Either way, stay weather aware this week. It's not some big tornado outbreak setup or anything akin to that, but these sort of unsettled and highly unstable patterns can still pose some dangers due to the risk of low spots flooding, and frequent lightning. You can never rule out high winds with these, too!

The 7-day tells you all you need to know, for context - >40% rain chances every day this week! Midweek and beyond looks the most unsettled, if you need to narrow down a timeframe - some strong storms are possible each day, but especially from Wednesday to Friday is that true. The end of the week and towards next weekend looks to cool off into the lower 80s (and maybe even upper 70s!) for some of us due to this torrent - for June, you don't see that very often!

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