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A mix of storms and dry conditions throughout this week.

Lately, the weather has consistently been stormy, and yesterday was no exception with scattered showers and storms throughout the region. The same applies today with showers and storms expected, especially this afternoon, just in time to pick your children up from school. A few of the storms today may be a little stronger so plan a family game night or watch a movie instead of going outdoors. Remember that lightning can strike 10 miles from a thunderstorm so be on the lookout this evening. It will be warmer today with high temps in the 80s and falling to the 60s tonight.

I know a little rain is good, but after a while many people start to get sick of it. If that’s you, I have some great news. Most of the dreary weather clears up by Wednesday and Thursday. You might see some rain showers or storms early Wednesday morning, but otherwise the middle of this week should be relatively dry and partly cloudy. Temperatures will be slightly cooler and in the 70s and fall to the upper 50s and lower 60s that night. If you attend Wednesday night bible study, it should be great weather for traveling to and from church. It's also great weather for Lawrence County High School's senior awards night. Thursday there is a slight chance for showers and storms, with temperatures similar to Wednesday.

Moving on to this weekend, Friday will be similar to Thursday’s weather with a slight chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms, with chances increasing overnight. Highs will reach the upper 70s, falling to 60s that night. Showers and storms will linger into the first half of Saturday. Temps will be similar to Friday with the exception of the night time temperature which will cool to the lower 50s due to a cold front moving across the region. Sunday it looks dry and partly cloudy with high temperatures in the mid 70s and dropping down to the 50s again that night. It’s perfect weather for heading to church or running errands. It will also feel less muggy outside Sunday.

I know people like to hate on Mondays, but at least the weather is nice. Monday also looks to be mostly dry and partly cloudy. It’s warming up again, with temperatures expected in the upper 70s to lower 80s for the day and falling to 60s that night. If you have younger kids they should be able to burn some of their energy off outdoors at school on Monday before they come home. Otherwise, Monday is a great day for you to run errands or clean up the backyard.

If you’re graduating this week, congratulations! The weather will be nice if you graduate Thursday evening. However, if you graduate Friday evening, know there is a chance for storms. I think the bulk of the rain will hold off until after most graduation ceremonies end, however it is still a bit too early to narrow down the exact timing. Saturday may start off stormy, but it will dry out after about noon. If you have already graduated and are looking for a day to celebrate this weekend, I would choose either Saturday afternoon or Sunday if you plan to be outdoors.

Overall, we have scattered showers and storms throughout this week which is great for plants but too much rain can feel dreary and cause flooding. Again, remember to be on the lookout today for flashes of light in the sky and have a plan to go indoors. Thankfully, unlike last week the rain and thunderstorms does not completely dominate the weather. We are blessed with a break from the rain midweek before it picks back up Friday night.

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