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A look at rain chances for the week ahead

Happy Monday. We are certainly kicking off the month of August on a rainy note, and the rain chances are here to stay for the week. The good news- by 3 p.m. we will be done with the rain for today in the Tennessee Valley. The sunshine will even make its grand appearance at some point! Temperatures will be on the "cooler" side today, staying in the mid 80s.

Tonight will be dry, but there's more storm chances in store every day this week. These storms should stay below severe limits and will develop between lunch and dinner time, in sync with the heat of the day.

Spotty storm chances continue through Friday and into the weekend. Could a storm or two be strong? We certainly can't rule that out. A few thunderstorms that develop this week could have heavy rainfall and some gusty winds. Other than that, we're not looking at any other threats.

Because of daily rain chances, temperatures likely won't warm past the low 90s. Not too bad for the first week of August in the Tennessee Valley. It will stay muggy throughout the week, however. I don't think we are looking at any sort of heat advisories in the near future.

To sum everything up, there is a chance for afternoon thunderstorms every day this week and through the weekend. We're not looking at any widespread rain chances at this time. Temperatures will stay in the upper 80s to lower 90s, thanks to a consistent partly cloudy sky.

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