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A highly unsettled Weekend so far... more inbound?

It's been a pretty wet day so far across the Valley, from showers and storms to just the generally oppressive humidity lingering across the area. Storms continue to fire on and off throughout the region today and throughout the rest of the afternoon, and most of us have gotten something by now. The Shoals are looking particularly spooky today... notice the haze near the ground level indicating high levels of moisture in the atmosphere.

Over the past 5 days, in fact, the Valley has been host to some pretty substantial rainfall totals, and we only have more on the way - portions of Lewis and Maury counties have seen 3-5 inches of rain, with some areas in there closing in on 6 inches already! The rest of us seem to be hovering in the 2-3 inch range, but as mentioned, more is on the way, so these totals are far from done. Indeed, storms look to continue forming overnight tonight, with perhaps a brief lull tomorrow morning.

By tomorrow, we're essentially set to "copy and paste" todays conditions into the afternoon. Scattered to widespread storms, humidity, and mid-80s look to persist. Even into the evening and overnight on Sunday, models indicate that showers and storms could possibly continue to fire - just because its night, doesn't mean the conditions aren't favorable!

As we push past tomorrow and tomorrow night, we aren't necessarily tip-toeing into greener pastures just yet - rain chances look to stick around for a good chunk of us all the way through the mid-week, in fact. Monday begins the staircase climb down to more modest chances, but it isn't much. Only by the middle and end portions of the workweek do we have a good shot at seeing more sun than rain.

...indeed, even that being so, we don't get much lower than 40% odds for the week, almost feeling like an early summer pattern if anything. September is typically one of the drier months we usually experience, but many models indicate a wet pattern could persist deeper into the month. We'll see how it unfolds, but keep your eye on the weather for the next little while as we work through this unsettled pattern.

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