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A good ol' fashioned Tennessee Valley heat wave is inbound!

Summer is fast approaching, and we're definitely feeling it. It's been a beautiful Saturday across the Valley thus far and looks to continue to be, with most of us nearing our highs as of this afternoon, somewhere in the lower to mid-80s. It looks to stay dry, and we cool off just a bit tonight and into tomorrow morning, but notably, not quite as much as we have the past few days... and with that, the warming trend begins!

We're shaping up tomorrow to have our first 90+ degree day of the next 7 days, which will be the first of many - by tomorrow afternoon as we're leaving church, we will be nearing our highs which will be at least the upper 80s, though I think a good many of us will hit 90 tomorrow. Some rain chances return, though the odds aren't particularly high - it really a more summer-like pattern, if anything else. Some lightning is possible with these isolated storms, so watch for that, just in case. Our free weather app has lightning detection built in to notify you in case storms do produce lightning near you.

The general Climate Prediction Center outlook over the next week or two tells you all you need to know - even for June, it is hot. This map displays averages through the year, where blue is below average and red is above average. Needless to say, we're approaching well above average for this time of year, and that is just with pure air temperatures, which will be in the mid 90s essentially all week. The heat index, however, is a different story...

Yeah, it's gonna feel that hot. With the moisture we have flowing in to the valley, the heat indexes are on their way up, at points even 10-15 degrees higher than the air temperature. If you are out for long periods of time through this work week, it's very important you stay hydrated, and wear good sunscreen! If you've lived in the south long enough, you know hot enough days can pose danger if you aren't careful. Needless to say, a week of 100+ heat indexes falls into that category!

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