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A cooling trend is approaching at last!

It's a perfect way to kick off the weekend - 80s, light breeze, low humidity and clear skies all along the way. In fact, last night, we got back down to the upper 50s (59) as a low, the first in a long long while. We look to stay dry for the rest of the weekend, so there is nothing of excessive importance on that front for the next couple days. If you have weekend errands to get done, you couldn't ask for much better weather than what the next 48 hours have in store for us!

You can essentially copy and paste the weekend forecast for the beginning of our workweek - as we end Monday and creep into Tuesday morning, however, some changes are taking shape. As shown by the temperature map here forecasted for Tuesday morning, a notable cooler zone is laying squarely across the Tennessee Valley. This is thanks to a cold front sagging south, clearing out the atmosphere and keeping us nice and cool, with especially less humid conditions following. Behind it, our highs are cooling down notably, although, the rain chances... well, they are creeping up just a tiny bit!

We've already made it to the 7 day, can you believe it? A calm forecast feels so rare these days. As mentioned, the front does provide just a tad bit of energy, which means we can rule out some low - but certainly far from zero - chances of rain through the mid-week. Our best bet looks to come late Monday and into Tuesday, with light chances lingering through the workweek. Notice the highs, though... in the midweek timeframe, we stay in the lower 80s! Behind it, some warming returns, but nothing substantial - it is essentially just a repeat of this weekend, by current forecasts. We're shaping up for a great week!

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