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A cold front moves across the region this weekend bringing storms and slightly cooler conditions.

If you are graduating today, congratulations! Today we start the weekend off with a little break from the rain and it is nice for the majority of today. However, if you’re graduating this evening, know there is a chance for storms. It looks like the majority of rain will hold off until after the graduation ceremonies end, but it’s better safe than sorry so bring your rain gear just in case. Other than the storms, today will be partly cloudy with temperatures peaking in the lower to mid 70s and falling to the 60s tonight. A cold front is expected to move across the region Friday night into Saturday.

This weekend we see a split between stormy and dry conditions. Due to the effects of the cold front, storms are expected as early as Friday night and will carry on Saturday morning. These storms should wrap up by the afternoon so Saturday evening looks dry. If you have any weekend plans consider postponing them until the afternoon or have a plan to move indoors. The cold front will also bring us slightly cooler temperatures but keep the jacket in the closet, because you probably won’t feel much of a difference on Saturday morning. Daytime temperatures are expected to peak in the lower 70s and it will likely feel muggy outside due to the humidity. However, Saturday night you will definitely feel a difference as temps drop to the lower 50s which will be around 10 degrees cooler than we have been experiencing. The region should start to dry out by Sunday and temperatures will peak in the mid 70s. The weather is perfect for any plans you might have such as attending church services, getting errands done, or just enjoying the day outside.

Moving on to the beginning of next week, Monday morning looks dry but showers are possible that afternoon. While we can’t rule out rain showers for the day, you definitely don’t have to cancel your plans but pack an umbrella just in case. Temperatures start to pick up again on Monday and will peak in the mid to upper 70s. Showers will linger through the night and temps drop to the upper 50s to lower 60s.

There is a chance for showers on Tuesday, especially that morning. High temperatures will be in the upper 70s to lower 80s for the day. If you have plans for Tuesday, don’t fret because the rain should start to clear out as we approach the evening. Wednesday morning looks mostly dry but we can’t completely rule out showers so if you plan to go outdoors, prepare for the rain just in case. Both daytime and nighttime temps for Wednesday look similar to Tuesday. Thankfully, any rain we have should clear out by Thursday. The skies are expected to be partly cloudy and Temperatures on are expected to peak in the upper 70s to lower 80s. That night, temperatures are expected to drop to the upper 50s to lower 60s.

This weekend, the weather jumps between wet and dry conditions but we do see some relief from the rain on Sunday. While there is a chance for showers next week, overall, the weather looks much drier. This weekend a cold front is expected to drop the temperatures we have been experiencing and we will see a night time low temperature in the 50s. Other than the lower temperatures we’ll see Saturday and Sunday night, temps should be similar to what we’ve been experiencing.

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