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A breakdown of rain chances and comfortable temperatures

Can you believe it's the middle of August? What a nice, welcomed treat in terms of temperatures. The common trade-off to below-average temperatures is rainfall, and that's exactly the set up for the Tennessee Valley. Wet weather expected today and tomorrow especially, but rain chances remain in the forecast for the next 7 days.

Temperatures stay in the mid 80s at most this afternoon, but many in Southern Middle Tennessee will not see temperatures above the 70s. A break in the rain comes for us this evening, but plenty more rain is in store Wednesday as well as the rest of the week.

Will we see any sunshine Wednesday? Maybe just in time for the sunset. Otherwise we're looking at a dreary day. It's a weather pattern this region typically sees in March, minus the severe weather of course. You want your umbrella pretty much all day, starting as early as 6 a.m. the good news, is the heavy rainfall will stay to our west, so we do not having any flooding concerns for tomorrow. That being said, we will still see plenty of rain, mainly in the morning for Tennessee and both morning and afternoon for northwest Alabama and northeast Mississippi. Aside from a few lingering showers, all should be dry by sunset. I cannot rule out a few rumbles of thunder, but we aren't looking at a multitude of thunderstorms.

Thanks to all this rain and the clouds that come along with it, temperatures will stay in the 70s tomorrow. Yes, I mean in the afternoon! After Wednesday, temps warm into the mid 80s. Then by the weekend, temps get back up to around 90°.

Daily afternoon rain chances return Friday. I think Thursday stays mainly dry, but I can't rule out a rogue shower or storm. Models are hinting at heavy rain early next week, but they do not agree on timing at this time. For now, I'll give Sunday, Monday and Tuesday a 30% chance of rain. Chances on one or more of those days will likely increase as we get closer.

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