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90s Have Returned! Showers Unlikely, but Possible this Weekend.

We're back at 90 here in Lawrenceburg, but fear not - for once, the humidity isn't trying it's best to copy the temperature. Humidity is at 46% today, a welcome change from the horrendous humidity this summer has provided. Due to this lack of moisture, we're dry across most of the Valley, with only one or two highly scattered, very weak showers coming in going in a matter of minutes. This general pattern will persist overnight, with temperatures getting back into the 70s for lows (with the humidity staying out of here, so good for us star gazers who hate foggy telescope lenses!).

As we kick the day off tomorrow, we're dry again with patchy fair weather clouds lingering, much like today. Through the day, we warm up into the mid-upper 80s once again, with isolated showers returning once more. One or two MAY grow into a storm, but they will be very few and far between, and most of us will likely stay dry tomorrow. Humidity may be a little more, but will certainly not be oppressive. Through the evening, we can essentially copy and paste tonight onto tomorrow night - we all dry out, cool down into the 70s, and clear out the cloud cover.

To kick off our workweek, we have a chance of showers, which is a bit higher than what we have this weekend - it isn't particularly high even still, but it's certainly worth keeping a passing eye on, if nothing else. Temperatures stick in the 80s all week, so besides this scattered variety of showers and a storm or two, Monday doesn't deviate too much from what we've had thus far.

The 7 day helps illustrate that lingering rain chance as we enter the workweek - as mentioned, they aren't the highest ever, but we'll keep an eye on the trends through Monday and Tuesday. Behind this, we dry out, and temperatures start to mediate once more, with lows steadily climbing down into the 60s, and highs staying in the mid 80s by weeks end. If more of summer was like this, I'd be a bigger fan of it!

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