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About Bryan Wilson

Radar Analyst / Staff Meteorologist

Bryan Wilson is the radar analyst and weekend weathercaster for the Tennessee valley weather channel. Bryan’s passion for weather extends back to his early childhood which he spent in Oklahoma, experiencing blizzards, tornadoes and everything in-between. As the years went on, these persistent extremely weather events planted a seed of passion in his head that continues to grow by the day.

Bryan was the first non-founding member of the Tennessee Valley Weather team, joining the team as radar analyst in May of 2020 after the installation of southern Tennessee’s first and only high resolution, dual-polarization Doppler radar.

Since his joining the team, Bryan has steered radar on some of the most impactful days in recent memory, such as March 25, 2021, when an EF-2 tornado impacted Wayne County, Tennessee.

When he isn’t gazing at the clouds, you can find him looking up at the night sky, studying the shapes of constellations and stars on clear nights and maintaining a great interest in the nation's space program.


Currently pursuing a degree in Physics, Bryan is working towards one day earning an NWA seal of approval.

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